Birthing Classes and Breastfeeding Classes

The Birth of a Family
To meet the needs of your growing family, the Los Olivos Women's Medical Group Childbirth Education Program is designed to help both new and experienced parents prepare for childbirth. With adequate knowledge and preparation, we encourage expectant parents to take an active role towards a healthy and fulfilling pregnancy and childbirth.

Classes are presented by experienced Registered Nurses, certified in childbirth education, who are committed to providing you with the most current pertinent and practical birth information.
The classes are held in a small group setting in Suite One at Los Olivos with a maximum of 8 couples per course. Register early and plan to complete classes about four weeks prior to your due date

Class dates can be found on the childbirth education website.

Comprehensive Childbirth Preparation Series
These classes cover the following topics: Physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, Overview of labor and delivery, Variation of normal birth/cesarean section, Updated information on medical interventions and pain relief options, Relaxation and breathing techniques/comfort measures, Partner support during labor, The "normal" newborn, Breastfeeding, Postpartum adjustments and expectations. A tour of the Columbia Good Samaritan birthing and mother-baby suites is included.

One Day Intensive Childbirth Express Class
This class covers physical and emotional changes of pregnancy, early labor, when to come to the hospital, warning signs, procedures, positions for labor and delivery, partner support during labor and delivery, normal vaginal delivery, cesarean delivery, postpartum/recovery, and medications for pain relief as well as breathing and relaxation techniques. The hospital tour is not included. Schedule that with the hospital at (408) 559-BABY.

Breastfeeding Basics
This class will cover all you could ever need to know about breastfeeding and more! Topics are covered in a comfortable, small group setting. Classes are taught by RN's and Certified Lactation Counselors. Partners are encouraged to attend. Topics include: Advantages of Breastfeeding - How and when to initiate nursing, Anatomy and Physiology - How the body manufactures breastmilk, Nutrition and Diet, Proper positioning and Latch On - Newborn dolls are used for demonstration, Breast care and Breastfeeding supplies: pads, nursing bras, creams, and breast pumps.

Newborn Care: A "Must Have" for Expectant Parents
Learn what to expect from your baby's senses, reflexes, states of alertness, and other newborn characteristics. Also learn basic baby care skills through hands-on practice--whether you are a beginner or have experience with newborns, this class will put your mind more at ease with: bathing, diapering, swaddling, dressing, burping, and much more.

The Good Samaritan Labor Book can be downloaded.